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Cyber Safety & Security Explained to your audience and requirements.

Learn how actual incidents occur, current trends and, reasonable effective defense

Our Experience

We have spent over sixteen years investigating and responding to computer security incidents and computer-based crimes.  We performed these investigations for very large corporations, small businesses, individual users, as part of enforcement agencies and with consulting firms.  While on this journey we were often asked by friends and family to assist when computer issues arose or to provide advice on helping make home computers and networks more secure.


We are still assisting home users, businesses, large corporations, friends and family in response to and recovery from cyber security incidents.  As part of our ongoing work in the field, we maintain contact with enforcement agencies and stay current with computer crime trends.

Schools - Cybersafety sessions for parents

Our Cyber Safety awareness sessions are aimed at parents and are based on our ‘parental controls’ training.  These sessions are usually organised via schools or parents groups attached to a school. They can be conducted as an evening or daytime session.

Interest Groups

Just because you don’t have children at home or other users to manage, does not mean that you do not have an interest in keeping yourself safe and secure when using the Internet.  These sessions are for home users, seniors, those new to the Internet and any other user with a general interest.  Designed for more diverse groups or tailored to specific groups, with the same focus of empowering users through improved knowledge and increased awareness.

Businesses | Employee Awareness

Internet Security and Cyber Safety awareness sessions can be conducted for employees, business owners and managers. These include increasing awareness of, and developing skills for appropriate ‘best practice’ Internet and device security within your organisation.  Our sessions are less of a 'you must' approach and more about raising awareness generally to the benefit and interest of each user group and ultimately the business.  As with our other sessions, it is about empowering users through improved knowledge.

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Ph: +61 3 9015 7500
Ph: +61 3 9015 7500
Ph: +61 3 9015 7500