Schools - Cyber Safety sessions for parents

Schools - Cyber Safety sessions for parents

Our Cyber Safety awareness sessions are aimed at parents and are based on our ‘parental admin’ training.  These sessions are usually organised via schools or parents groups attached to a school. They can be conducted as an evening or daytime session.


These ‘in person’ sessions are conducted by a former Computer Crime Squad Detective who is still active in the digital investigations and Cyber Security fields.

Empowerment through awarness

Case studies and examples are used to in these sessions, but the primary focus is on discussing practical controls parents can employ which allow greater visibility and better control over Internet connections and connected devices in the home.

We discuss ‘physical’, ‘behavioural’ and ‘technical’ controls with a strong focus on the technical.


We assist you in promoting any speaking event to your group.  We have templates for brochures that introduce the topic and speaker.  These can be tailored where required.


A one or two-hour presentation from a specialist in the field of Cyber Security and Safety,  Practical examples and case studies presented by someone who has trained technical people and non-technical people to become specialists in the digital investigation field.

Training & Support

It is difficult to get all the concepts across in a single one hour presentation.  We can provide access to our online videos and resources to ensure parents are left with the resources they need to implement the controls introduced and discussed.

Contact us for an information pack.
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Ph: +61 3 9015 7500
Ph: +61 3 9015 7500
Ph: +61 3 9015 7500