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General information on our online training programs.

For Parents

Our goal is to provide parents with the resources and knowledge to be able to confidently manage the network and devices in their homes.

We keep our training practical and ‘task-focused’, some of the areas our training looks at are:

  • making changes to router configurations;

  • changing and managing passwords;

  • updating ‘firmware’ and software;

  • installing new software;

  • working with parental controls on various devices and platforms.

For Business

Improving security within a business begins with education for managers, business owners and end users.  Technical controls that help protect a network and its users are essential, but users create passwords; add devices to a network; choose where to use their passwords; where to access and store work-related content; visit websites; open email and attachments; and click on links.


Our training and awareness programs are aimed at business owners, managers and employees and content is tailored to each of these groups.

Home Users

When we say home users we really mean individuals or couples who have one or two devices to manage but don’t have the added complexity of managing other users such as employees or children.  As pervasive as the Internet now is there are new users connecting every day, as a user it is important to understand the risks as well as the benefits and how to protect yourself and your data.


Individual adult users face the same type of risks and can be subject to ‘social engineering’, malicious software, ‘phishing’ incidents that may adversely impact the security of their information and use of computers and the Internet.  Our courses for individuals follow a similar path as those for parents, where understanding how to manage and maintain the Internet-connected devices under your control goes a long way to improving security and safety.



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Ph: +61 3 9015 7500
Ph: +61 3 9015 7500