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We offer training programs and guided support (coaching), with programs designed for parents, business owners and home users.  We have designed these programs in response to the queries we have received after delivering our presentations or via our website.

There is a significant amount of 'general' information on what you should do to secure your home network or business data but there are few guides that show exactly how to do these things.  Things such as:


  • changing the default password on a router;

  • adding a web filter;

  • restricting which devices can connect to the Internet;

  • managing multiple accounts on a Windows computer;


We understand that implementing and maintaining these things is not easy, each environment and system can have differences that cannot be adequately covered in a single video.  Our training programs provide access to 'on demand' video and 'real time' chat with an experienced guide to assist with any questions or help you over any unique challenges.


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Ph: +61 3 9015 7500
Ph: +61 3 9015 7500
Ph: +61 3 9015 7500